Pay with Bitcoins!!!

The Fastest, Easiest and Safest way to make your payment
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Here your step by step instruction:
(if you are already a bitcoin user, please go directly to Step 3)

Step 1

Install a Bitcoin Software on your Mobile device or PC and open your Bitcoin Wallet.

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Step 2

Buy Bitcoins from a Bitcoin Exchange.

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Step 3

Pay your Order

Make your order and select any payment method ( e.g. WU), but add a note, that you want to pay by Bitcoin. We will then send you the Bitcoin address that you will need to make the Bitcoin payment. Complete the transaction that will appear in your Wallet.

Step 4

Payment Confirmation

Within an hour (on rare occasions within 3-12 hours) you will automatically receive the confirmation of your payment in your account and by email and we send out your order.