Shipping Update while Corona Pandemic Situation

The shipping of all brands and products from all warehouses is functional !! Also Passing rates at customs are good as before !!
We just observe delays in shipping out the products, longer customs processing times and in Europe longer postal distribution times.
International and EU Domestic Delivery times delay 7 - 12 days ... estimated delivery times are now 20-42 days.
US Domestic Deliveries have no delays.

Only shipping from Europe Warehouse 2 (AASTER) is temporarily not possible due to lockdown of the country, where it is located. 
All other warehouses are fully functional !! The new updated delivery times of each warehouse are as follows:


US Warehouse 1 
Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma      
Delivery Time :   15 - 20 days  

US Warehouse 2
Products in Stock: ZPHC US, Spectrum Pharma US   
Delivery Time :   3 - 6 days

US Warehouse 3 
Products in Stock: Odin Pharma      
Delivery Time :   2 - 5 days  


International Warehouse 1: Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma, Maha Pharma, Singani Pharma Delivery Time :  20-42 days

International Warehouse 2: Products in Stock: Pharma Grade, Xeno Labs Regular Post Delivery Time : 20-31 days Courier Shipping Delivery Time : 5-8 days 

International Warehouse 3: Products in Stock: ZPHC Pharma, Spectrum Pharma, Balkan Pharma Delivery Time :  20-42 days 


EU Warehouse 1 
Products in Stock: Dragon Pharma 
Delivery Time :  EU Domestic: 20-42 days

EU Warehouse 2 
Products in Stock:  AASTER 
temporarily no delivery 

If any changes in shipping happen, we will update it here immediately !!

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation,
You and your families stay safe and healthy !!
Very Best Regards,
Your RB Team

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