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Pharmacokinetics and Indications: It is an anabolic male steroid that came into the arena of medicines in the sixth decade of the last century. It was primarily used for the treatment of those patients having problem in the growth of muscles and bones. Although theres no doubt about its effectiveness its strong side effects are unavoidable. It has potential to increase the muscle mass, thats why it has been very popular among the bodybuilders and athletes for the improvement of their body outlook since many decades. In female, it is not used because of high affinity of virilism. It has high affinity for water and thats why it is used for the treatment of many orthopedic conditions. It was used for the treatment of Osteoporosis to give a new mass to the bones where it is needed. Patients suffering from muscular dystrophy can have the benefits from its usage. It is effective for the building of musclemass in bodybuilders but they should be careful about the side effects. It is also used for the treatment of anemia by stimulating the production of erythropoietin and finally the number of red blood cells. Because of its improved capabilities of protein synthesis, it is popular among athletes. Weight lifters use it to give additional strength and lubrication to the inside of their joints because due to its high water retention capacity it lubricates the joints and help them to lift heavy weights. In the list of anabolic steroids it is at the top because of its potent effects.

Possible Side Effects: Nausea, Bloating, Acne, Voice deepening, Hypertrophy of clitoris, Gynaecomastia, Liver cancer, Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, Diarrhea, Insomnia, Excitation, Hair loss, Painful urination, Alteration in the testicular size, Increase in the breast mass, Menstrual changes.

Effective Dose

Beginners : not recommended 
Hobby : 50 - 150 mg / day 
Professionals : 50 - 300 mg / day

Use for : 4 - 6 weeks