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Buy Anavar and enjoy muscle gaining

A proper cutting of the body is a dream for all men but it is not easy to get into the shape continuing our daily hectic lifestyle. Steroids have eased our journey from a slim and unnoticed lad to a muscular hunk nowadays. Anavar is the kind of steroid which can help the users to gain muscle mass faster and feel energetic all the times.

Anavar is basically a DTH that has been structurally changed from the basic testosterone. The DTH form has been added with oxygen molecule by replacing 2 carbon atoms. This alteration has increased the anabolic ability to the steroid. Anavar is a member of C-17AA anabolic steroid group.

Therapeutic usage

Anavar is basically used to deal with weight loss problems or muscle loss issues. There are several diseases which cause extreme muscle and weight loss among the users. Anavar helps the users to gain the lost weight and maintain a balance. The athletes also use this steroid for the same reason.

How to use

Anavar is a strong anabolic steroid. The standard dosage of Anavar for therapeutic usage is 5 to 10mg per day which may be increased to 20mg according to the need. The same amount is also suggested for the athletes and body builders though many of them use up to 50 to 80mg in a day. It is better not to turn on to a higher dosage expecting a better performance because a strong steroid like Anavar may affect the body if the dosage is increased all of a sudden.

Side effects

There could be severe troubles for Anavar overdose which may require immediate admission in the hospital. Other than overdose Anavar usage may affect the users with baldness, skin rash, acne and many other problems. Gynecomastia is a common factor among the users. As this steroid suppresses SGBH, it may initiate low testosterone problems. Hepatotoxicity is another issue among the steroid users which may need immediate attention of the doctors.

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